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Direct to you

No middlemen - No Department stores - No astronomical markup

Just French & Italian decorative home goods at incredible prices!



How do we do it? 

We've built relationships with the best family-owned fabric mills and home accessory manufacturers in France and Italy.

We have access to the most luxury brands.

We offer ready-made drape panels, fashionable decorative pillows, decorative throws and bed runners, luxurious bedding and exclusive wall tapestries

from such famous, renowned and respected design houses

(some of them founded over 100 years ago), including:

Lelievre - Jean Paul Gaultier Home - Jules Pansu - Artiga - Thevenon - Tradi Linge - Mastro Raphael - Zephyr - Rubelli - Tesseci and more...



Each mill has a story, some sell to royalties in Europe, even the White House in Washington, DC.

Some of these products are seen in many celebrity homes in Europe.



We refuse to believe that French & Italian Drapes, Pillows, Throws, Bedding or Wall Tapestries could not be more accessible to the American home.



KENISA HOME Ready-Made Drape panels - Handcrafted in USA - French & Italian fabrics




The kind of drapes, in heavy weight fabrics, fully lined, that make people who visit your home say: "Your window treatment must come from a decorator! How stunning!"


We thought it was time for a revolution! It was time that American Home have access to fully lined curtain panels at a fraction of the prices of custom window treatments.

So we decided to import the French concept of ready-made drapes. We simplified the look as it is simplified in France.


how to hang fully lined french pleated drape and curtan

French pleated, inverted pleated or simply flat tops, classic & elegant, these drapery panels are adjustable to fit window widths ranging from 54 to 110 inches.

In addition to necessary hardware, our drape panels include easy how-to-hang instruction for quick installation.

These finely crafted, cotton lined ready-made curtains are unavaiable in any retail locations and offer interior decorator quality at Trade prices.