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who we are - your ressource for the french lifestyle - the best of france italy from the comfort of your home - the timeless french elegance decor  

how do we do it - isabelle has built relationship with the best family-owned fabric mills and home accessory manufacturers in France and italy + thanks to her, we have access to the most luxury brands + we offer ready-made drapes, ready-made curtain, ready-made drapery panel, fashionable decorative pillows, throw pillows, decorative throws, bed throws, bed runners, luxurious bedding, exclusive wall tapestries + lelievre - jean paul gaultier - jules pansu - artiga - thevenon - tradi linge - zephyr - mastro raphael - zephyr - rubelli - tesseci


each mill has a story - mills sell to European royalties, sell to the White House in Washington DC + seen in celebrity homes in Europe



Best ready made drapery - fully lined - extra long drapes


ready made drape panel - handcrafted in USA - french and Italian fabrics - made in america - drape made in usa   


window treatment more affordable to american home - time for a revolution - america home have access to elegant, luxury, fully lined curtain at a fraction of custom window treatments cost + we decided to import french concept of ready-made drapes - simplified the window treatment look - hanging panels - french pleated panels- Italian damask panels 


how to hang fully lined French pleated drape and curtain



French pleated drape - inverted pleats curtain - flat top drapery - classic window treatment - elegant window treatment - one panel fits it all. These drapery panels are adjustable to fit window widths ranging from 32 inches to 100 inches + Never loose your window treatment