What is Pantone Color

It is always challenging to choosing the color of a drapery panel over the internet - how can you be sure the color depicted is the color you desire?  To ease these concerns, we added the PANTONE FASHION + HOME COLOR SYSTEM to the color choice of the panel.

The PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System is a standardized numeric color coding method and a vital tool for designers in the apparel, home furnishings and interior design industries for selecting and specifying color used in the manufacture of textiles and fashion. The System – consisting of 2,100 colors in cotton or paper format – is ideal for assembling creative palettes and conceptual color schemes and color communication and control.

Your local paint store provides chips using the PANTONE system for this very reason.

Colors have always been an integral part of how we can express our feelings and attitudes. You can confidently choose your desired color by using the Pantone Color System.