French company LELIEVRE, founded by Henri Lelievre in 1914, is known widely throughout the world by respected designers and members of the interior designers market for its creativity, reliability, and luxury. Keeping centuries of tradition alive, Lelievre operates factories that utilize both traditional hand looms and computer-controlled mechanical looms, allowing for the creation of more intricate designs, while maintaining the quality and care required for replication of fabrics. Exclusively on KENISAHOME.com, Lelievre offers a combination of traditional and modern products for your home, as the French know how to mix them together!
The collection of decorative pillows and throws are sophisticated, in a variety of colors: black, white, beige, red, orange, blue or green, playing with textures to make them unique, elegant and decorative. The ready-made drapery are fully lines. They will add elegance and timeless sophistication to any room in your home.
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